The Data-smart Farmhand would not be possible without an enormous amount of support from all our participating organizations and the many colleagues around the world. We are building a leadership team behind the ecosystem with a range of profiles from Food System and Data Science, Sustainability, Resiliency, Innovation, Technology and Business Development, and Communication and Advocacy.

Brian J  Heinen

Senior Director of Project Development and Commercialisation, drawing on 15-years sitting in-between a global community of enterprise, SMEs, start-up, public and academic partners, to orchestrate collaborative and turn-key solutions to integrate blockchain solutions. 

  • Blockchain In Europe consultancy
  • EIT Food, Nutrition and Food System Innovation and Management M.Sc. Candidate
  • IEEE Organization ‘Standards for the framework of DLT use in Agriculture’ Working Group Founding Member
  • Bitcoin Foundation 2014 Executive Producer

Dr. Nazia M Habib 

Political economist, policy advisor, a social entrepreneur as well as an intrapreneur within global multinational and multilateral development projects. She combines system design, action-research, and public policy development to promote sustainability development.

  • University of Cambridge Founding Director, Resilience and Sustainable Development Programme (RSDP)
  • World Economic Forum Fellow
  • Institute of Manufacturing (IfM) Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Industrial Sustainability
  • UN Development Policy Consultant

Adriana Freitas

Having been an impact strategy and exponential business visionary for half of her life, including more than a decade at Telefonica, Adriana now leverages the best minds and capital for tech-driven companies in various industries, countries and markets. She works hand-in-hand with founders and C-levels to build fund raising, go-to-market and expansion strategies.

  • Muster Ventures, Founder, Fund Raising and Ecosystem Director
  • Grupo Ecoindustria – Advisory Board
  • B9lab (Blockchain Academy) – Expansion and Ecosystem Manager
  • M.S. Data Science and Big Data and MBA

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