the Data-smart Farmhand team would lead as a neutral 3rd party custodian to bring further transparency to the agriculture and food system industry, which will strengthen perception of products, services, and create confidence across the value chain.

To use the platform, customers are charged based on the amount of segmented or sorted data they want to use or with a subscription for an unlimited amount of data.

  • Visualising the data on the UI is free; downloading data or downloading visualised data (maps, tables etc) has a cost
  • Input suppliers would pay to have access to farmers and distributors data
  • Retailers would pay to better understand the consumers purchasing habits
  • Issue tokens with Share-of-value to participants who share data

What/ If Experiments

Using shared data in testbeds for participant’s product and services:

  • Model analysis with an emphasis on main challenges and opportunities
  • Stakeholder analysis and context
  • Value chain analysis to understand their role, objectives and value generated
  • Gap analysis
  • Today´s processes and use of data
  • Digital skills
  • Potential for business model innovation

Environmental Labelling

Build conformity to develop a packaging environmental-label framework:

  • Track and trace a product’s data-DNA as it moves up the chain and into a consumer’s home or restaurant
  • Application for consumers to research individual products in the retail brick-and-mortar stores, or eCommerce sites
  • Compare the value of the carbon footprint, water usage and dietary requirements amongst the different SKUs (Stock-Keeping Unit) 
  • Connect product packages to smart devices by scanning the labels, and receive updates on the lifecycle of products to reduce food waste


Similarly, for distributors/ resellers to understand their model and challenges and help them reinvent their model making use of this new way of working and repositioning their leverage as intermediaries within a blockchain immutability system.

  • Identification of data driven business improvement and customer innovation opportunities with a view to define the most compelling reasons for them to join the initiative, as well as a prioritisation of the main data fields to be captured and the activities and related processes where they can be used.
  • Mentorship
  • Grant and encourage involvement and participation from all parties to co-create the new solution, since we believe this is the best way to guarantee successful adoption and usage.

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